Tranax 1mg alprazolam 300 pills

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Working action of Tranax 1 mg:

Tranax (Generic Alprazolam) has a place in the category of medication known as benzodiazepines it shows action by communicating with GABA-A neurotransmitter on GABA receptors leads to cell membrane hyperpolarization, consequently, this action shows inhibitory effect on different sites of the brain particularly motor cortex, limbic system, lowers the nervous tension (anxiety) muscle spasm, and develops sedation.

What is the dosing regimen of Tranax 1 mg?


For the treatment of anxiety and its related disorder the normally used dose of this medication 1 mg3 times in a day obtainable as a solid dosage form. You have to take the medication via mouth with the help of a full glass of water and can be used with or without food. For the management of panic disorder, usually suggested dose is 0.5 mg orally administered 3 times a day and the maximum dose us 10 mg orally per day. The dose can be changed as per the condition of the patient, therefore, consult the doctor if you have kind of changes. Never take more doses at a time and in the case of missed dose take as early as possible.

What are the contraindications of Tranax 1 mg?


  • The patient should not use the medication allergic to any constituent in the Tranax or any similar medication and food substances.
  • Individuals who are suffering from kidney or liver disease, narrow-angle glaucoma, asthma or other breathing disorder, epilepsy, a history of drug or alcohol addiction should consult the doctor before administration.
  • Avoid using these medications Fluvoxamine, Cimetidine, Itraconazole, Digoxin, Ketoconazole, Nefazodone, Ritonavir, HIV or AIDS as these can cause drug interaction or inform the doctor if you are under the treatment of any medicines.

What are the side effects of Tranax 1 mg?

This is supposed to be safe medication but in some individual, some unwanted effects may likely occur such as lack of balance or coordination, slurred speech, feeling tired, drowsiness, memory problems, feeling anxious early in the morning.

What are the precautions while using Tranax 1 mg?

  • You should not consume alcohol along with this medication as the chances of side effects may enhance such as drowsiness, blurred vision etc.
  • This medication is not suggested for longer duration because Generic Alprazolam is a habit-forming medication.
  • Do not drive after taking the medication and take it under medical guidance if you are less than 18 years.