myolastan 50mg

$250.00 / 30tabs


Since December 2011, Myolastan® is no longer reimbursed by Social Security because the benefit for the patient is considered low by the health authorities. It is now permanently withdrawn from the market to follow a European recommendation. But the Medicines Agency recalls that it should not have an addictive effect to Myolastan® because this treatment is indicated for short periods.

“It will pose problems for some patients who used it to treat chronic pain,” says Dr. Patrick Gepner. “At certain doses, there is still a risk of addiction.”

According to Prof. Jean-François Bergmann, head of the internal medicine department at Lariboisière hospital in Paris, “for the rare patients who could not do without muscle relaxant, they can very well use another drug from the benzodiazepine family, like Valium®, which does not present the same risks of side effects “.