99.9% Pure Dimethocain MOQ

$5,000.00 / 100g

Product Name Dimethocaina Hydrochloride
CAS NO 553-63-9
Molecular Formula C16H26N2O2.ClH
Molecular Weight 314.854
Appearance white powder
Purity 99% 
Standard USP36
Application Local anesthesia

Dimethocaina Role: Local Anesthetics.(Has 50% similarity to cocaine.)

Local anesthetic intensity: tetracaine>tetracaine hcl>lidocaine>lidcaine hcl> benzocaine > procaine>procaine hcl, but there are corresponding side effects. Mainly used for surface anesthesia of the eyes, nose, throat and urinary tract. It can cause convulsions after absorption, and then it is converted to respiratory depression, and is generally not used for anesthesia such as infiltration and conduction. Widely used in hospitals, dentists, tattoos, fitness and extended male ejaculation delays.